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A Los Angeles based wellness, beauty and fashion blog, founded by Kaye Bassey. Kaye wears many hats as an influencer, stylist, creative director and a multi-faceted fashion and business professional. She has over 30 pets and has an excessive passion for animals. She prides herself in being a bilingual cosmopolitan globe-trotter. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

With a zest for style and design, she began her blog, which started out as a past-time used to interact with other fashion aficionados, quickly evolving into a platform where she documents her personal style, beauty tips and lifestyle journey. She is confident in her sartorial choices and enjoys taking her readers into her vibrant world full of le joie de vivre. From it’s inception, she has worked with a variety of high-street and high fashion brands and also contributes her site content to multiple publications.

She currently welcomes every collaborative opportunity that presents itself and looks forward to working future projects in varying capacities.
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