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I have been enjoying the last few days of Fall in Los Angeles. I feel so blessed to be able to call the beautiful city of Los Angeles home! I have been working very heard throughout this entire year and have provided myself with many end of the year experiences that I am excited for. Towards the end of the year, I am looking forward to a nice winter skiing vacation at The Four Seasons ,as well as, an amazing NYE and birthday celebration. My birthday so happens to fall on January 1st- "yay" to being the first baby of the year when I was born!

Here are some photographs that I took the other day. I have been loving denim a lot lately. Typically, I am more of a lace, dresses and silk kind of girl, but with the amount that I have been working, working out and keeping up with my social circle- jeans seem to be the easiest choice. Here is an article about why wearing the same thing daily can make you more successful: "INC. why successful people wear the same thing everyday". Seems like that would be really boring, or? 

Also, I have been so excited that I have been going through a major wardrobe purge! I can not wait to share some wardrobe staples that I will adding. My level of organization is ridiculous right now, and I am loving it.
If you are interested to see some pieces that I am bidding adieu to, you should add me on my Poshmark (@kayebassey). The rest of the pieces will be going to a charity! I have been into charities and advocacy of all kinds lately. I have not shared all the programs that I am getting involved in, but I will be sure to do so in 2019. I am enjoying social responsibility at the moment. 
Anyway, I am really looking forward to 2019! 2018 was simply amazing- but I am sure that 2019 will one up it.
Hang around for some more fun stuff coming soon on here!
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Hello Darlings!

This is a quick post of me wearing a striking combination of statement pants and a classic cut bodysuit.

This is rather striking for me but I saw the color combination in my head and could not get it out. I decided to wear these Missy Empire leopard print pants with this bright bodysuit. Sometimes it is very refreshing to wear an outfit that really sticks out.

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Kaye Bass

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Beige Dress | Floral Dress | Denim Jacket | Boots 

Hi Darlings,

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Welcome back to my blog for another style post, where I discuss very important topics in regards to fashion and personal style :)

I heard from the grapevine that it is actually Spring time... Spring started days ago. Apparently. So why is it that I am still in heavy jackets? My guess is as good as yours. 

I have always been very obsessed with the color pink- light pink to be specific. Shades such as champagne, rosy, baby, plum and piggy pink- all have a very alluring, feminine quality to them. Also, I notice that these shades flatter my skin tone really well. I have a list of colors that I know work really well with my style and aesthetic and I tend to stick with those when shopping. Pink is definitely one of those!

Layering beige and soft pink just has to be one of my favorite color combinations. How about for you? Do you have any color combinations that you simply not get enough of?

Kaye Bass

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